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Posted: 05 May 2022

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Recent Articles

Subject Date Posted
FFF Testifies in Favor of $3 Million Request for Francis Field Renovation 12 Apr 2022
ANC Redistricting Task Force Defines West End More Correctly 12 Apr 2022
Radical ANC Redistricting Would Move Francis Field Out of ANC-2A 05 Mar 2022
Pinto Requests $1.5 million for Francis Field and Dog Park Expansion 08 Feb 2022
Annual Meeting Report, 2021 02 Dec 2021
Fall Season Landscape Planting 02 Dec 2021
ANC-2A Resolution on Field Improvements 02 Dec 2021
School Teams Return to Field for Fall Sports 18 Nov 2021
DPR Diretor Bans Dogs from Francis Field 14 Jun 2021

Master Landscape Plan

Master Landscape Plan for Francis Field 01 Jun 2020
Francis Field Landscape Plan Approved by CFA 06 Jun 2020
New Francis Field Master Plan Changes Explained 11 Feb 2019
First Look at 2019 Master Landscape Plan May 26, 2018
The Master Landscape Plan for Francis Field 24 May 2017

Rebecca Coder Park

Council Hearing for "Rebecca Coder Park" Held Nov. 3 02 Dec 2021
Legislation Filed for Rebecca Coder Park 05 May 2021
Rebecca Coder Park: Not Only a Place, but a Philosophy 17 Oct 2020
Rebecca Coder (1969-2018) Honored at Library 18 May 2019
Remembering Rebecca Coder (1969-2018) 23 May 2018

Past Articles, 2021-2019

This was a time of frustration. After FFF spent nine months greeening the field, it was over-permitted by the Department of Parks and Recreation to social sports leagues that vastly understated their number of players in permit applications. Combined with under-maintenance, the field returned to its bare-dirt surface conditions within two seasons.

Volunteers Needed for Fall Landscaping Projects 06 Jul 2021
Despite Social Distancing, Field Keeps Struggling 09 May 2020
Mayor Hears Views on Foggy Bottom/West End 18 Nov 2019
Clean-Up, Rock Removal, and Assessment Day 01 Oct 2019
Crowds, Noise Discussed at Permitting Meeting 18 May 2019
Annual Membership Meeting Report, 2019 18 May 2019
District Government Promises Better Maintenance 09 July 2018
"Social Sports" Leagues Mob Re-Opened Field 23 May 2018

FFF Green Field Project 2017-2018

This was a successful experiment, done as a partnership project with the Department of Parks and Recreation to improve the playing field with private funding, including planting trees, planting grass according to National Park Service standards using a private contractor, and studying the field's water infrastructure and irrigation.

May 2018 Report: Spring Brings Field to Life 23 May 2018
Irrigation Study Makes Only Partial Progress 14 Oct 2017
Experimental Greening of Field Nearly Complete 11 Oct 2017
Planting Grass for a Green and Safe Environment 04 Oct 2017
Tree Planting: Mission Accomplished on May 13! 25 May 2017

History and Background

Francis Field's History: 1792-1972 25 May 2017
Francis Field: Decades of Neglect 25 May 2017
The Zoning Case, 2007-2009 02 Nov 2016

West End Flyer Archive

One of the reasons that FFFF was founded was to have a voice in the civic life on the West End neighborhood.

The Flyer, was first published during 2010-2011, when the West End Library and the nearby fire station were being redeveloped as mixed-use, partially residential buildings. It was revived in May 2020 for the first year of the Covid 19 pandemic to provide information to the residential neighbors, and was circulated by building managers in condo and rental appartments in PDF format.

This section still under construction.

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