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Rear-Field Landscaping. Posted April 2021.One of the programs for Spring 2021 is to alter landscaping plans for the rear section of the playing field area of Francis Field, taking into account the failure of the previous plan, which was planted by a contractor working for the developer of the conversion of the 2501 M building from mixed-use to full residential occupancy

A Post-Covid Strategic Plan for Francis Field? Posted March 2021. Complaints about dogs on the field to be on agenda of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A at March meeting. Issue may be assigned to the ANC's new Strategic Planning committee.

Revised Master Plan for Francis Field. Posted June 2020. Includes the approved architectural drawings in PDF format. Plan was given final approval by the U.S. Commmission of Fine Arts on 16 Apr 2020.

Remembering Rebecca Coder (1969-2018) Posted 25 May 2018. Obituary of neighborhood leader who was first president of Friends of Francis Field, and an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for ten years.

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