Mayor Bowser Lifts Most Covid Restrictions, Flyer Suspends!

Posted: June 21, 2021.

By order of Mayor Muriel Bowser on May 17, most businesses, restaurants, and bars were permitted to resume normal, pre-Covid conditions, and large entertainment venues such as sporting events could resume on June 11. Thus, the emergency period is at an end, and the West End Flyer has suspended publication. The Friend of Francis Field (FFF) organization will concentrate largely on field matters going forward.

About the Flyer

The West End Flyer was published by FFF during the Covid-19 health emergency, from May 2020 to May 2021.

It was intended to keep the nearby neighbors informed of civic matters, since the local newspapers that used to cover the Foggy Bottom and West End had gone out of business. The Flyer was distributed in PDF format by the building managers in 16 residential apartment and condominium buildings in the West End.

Originally two pages, it was expanded to four pages in September and then reduced again to two pages in March, to begin phasing it out as the worst of the pandemic was over. Back issues are provided below. Click on the images to view the PDF copies, which will open in a new window.

The publication originated in November 2009, when several large projects were in progress in the West End neighborhood, and FFF created a "West End Friends" committee to participate more actively in local concerns. The publication ran until November 2010 after 13 monthly issues. It was revived during the Covid-19 situation, with the May 2020 issue called the Francis Field Flyer and the next 12 using the previous name of the West End Flyer.

The Flyer may be revived from time to time, on an occasional basis as he need arises. FFF hopes that other organizations or for-profit concerns will engage again in neighborhood journalism. The FFF website will continue to report on Francis Field developments.

Back Issues

May Flyer, 2-page layout

May 2021

Two-page April Flyer layout

April 2021

Two-page layout of Flyer

March 2021

With the March issue we dropped the listings pages, and reverted to the two-page format to begin phasing out the publication as life returns to normal.

February Flyer layout, four pages

February 2021

January 2021

Four-page Flyer layout

Four-page West End Flyer

December 2020

Image of four-page Flyer

November 2020

October 2020 Flyer, four pages

October 2020

Listings section:

September Flyer with listings.

September 2020

This was the first issue with listings. Articles included:

August Flyer

August 2020

Articles included:

July Flyer

July 2020

Articles included:

Photo of June Flyer

June 2020

Articles included:

Photo of May issue of Flyer

May 2020

This was titled The Francis Field Flyer. Articles included:

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