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Voting by Mail Crucial in June 2 Council Election

There Is No Polling Place in West End: Mail Ballots Must Be Requested

Posted: May 11, 2020.

Our West End Neighborhood will play a large part in the election of a new Ward 2 representative in the Council of the District of Columbia. Because of the resignation of Jack Evans, who served in that office for nearly three decades, there is a large field of candidates seeking this powerful post.

Due to the Covid 19 situation, voting will be primarily by mail. There will be no polling place open in our neighborhood. To vote by mail, you must request a ballot by May 26. See links below.

This is an important office, with a term of four years. Each of the 8 wards in the city has one Council member elected by that ward's voters. Five others are elected at large.

Ward 2 includes Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, the West End, Shaw, Logan Circle, Chinatown, Kalorama, and other neighborhoods.

For the Ward 2 seat, there will be 8 candidates on the ballot. Due to party registration numbers in the District, this race will be settled for all practical purposes in the Democratic primary on June 2. The general election will be held on November 3.

As with most multi-candidate primaries, some candidates are virtually unknown, others are serious contenders.

Despite his resignation related to ethics charges, Jack Evans is running for the office again, as one of the candidates.

Another is Patrick Kennedy, who is currently the chair of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission that serves the West End and Foggy Bottom neighborhoods.

Below is a list of all eight candidates in the June 2 primary, in ballot order from the D.C. sample ballot. The ballot does not include home addresses or neighborhoods, but FFF has added the neighborhood where each candidate resides:

  • Jack Evans, Georgetown
  • Patrick Kennedy, Foggy Bottom/West End
  • Kishan Putta, Georgetown
  • Jordan Grossman, Shaw
  • Daniel Hernandez, Dupont Circle
  • Brooke Pinto, Logan Circle
  • Yilin (Ellen) Zhang, Kalorama
  • John Fanning, Logan Circle
  • Kishan Putta is an ANC commissioner in Georgetown. John Fanning is the ANC chair in Logan Circle. Other candidates also have visibility in their own neighborhoods.

    Our Foggy Bottom/West End neighborhood does not have one of the two polling places that will be open in Ward 2 for this election. One is at Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street NW. The other is at the Hardy Middle School, 1819 35th Street NW, in Georgetown.

    Mail ballots, which are essentially the “absentee ballots” available in previous elections, must be requested from the Board of Elections by May 26 at 4:45 pm. Thus, voting takes some planning. See links below

    If you are registered as a Republican or independent, which is called “No Party” in the District, you cannot vote in the June 2 Democratic Primary. You can, however, change your party affiliation to Democrat, and vote. You can also change it back after the election. These steps can be done on-line with the D.C. Board of Elections. See links below

    If all of this was not complicated enough, there will be a “special election” on June 16 to temporarily fill the seat vacated by Jack Evans. That is a general election in which Republicans, Democrats, and others may vote; that term only lasts until January 2021. We will explain that further on the June edition of this website.

    As a non-partisan organization, FFF makes no election endorsements. However, we encourage all Foggy Bottom/West End residents to become familiar with this race, and to vote by mail. Instructions can be found on the Board of Election website. Links are below.


    D.C Board of Elections. This connects to the official instructions and a link for requesting a mail-in ballot:

    D.C. Voter Guide. This is a PDF issued by the D.C. Board of Elections and has sample ballots:

    About the Council. A page from the website of the Council of the District of Columbia that explains its structure, powers, and services. This also has a link to the Council Handbook, which is also quite informative: .

    Ward 2 Boundary Map. A large map in PDF format from the D.C. Office of Planning:

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